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About Us

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We sell real estate in Brazil. Headquartered in Belem, Para, Brazil, with regional offices in Minas Gerais, BLB is an experienced, local timberland asset management company.BLB presently manages 1,606,150 acres (650,000 ha) of commercial timberland properties in Brazil which span over 83 different properties, they range from Eucalyptus Plantations, Teak Plantations, Hardwood Forestry.

Past Deals

In 2009 closed 2.7 million hectare lease for carbon credits on federal government land in Mato Grosso and Rondonia. Sourced the deal, consulted and advised, and developed the full structure.

In 2009 Big Lands Brazil worked with Brazilian family hardwood forestry business to sell land and divest non core land holdings.

In 2009 Big Lands signed management contract to manage and sell lands. The total holding includes 2 million hectares, including eucalyptus, black acacia and radiata pine plantations as well as a pulp mill.

In 2010 Big Lands Brazil advised on region, managed due diligence, structuring property into an offshore trust, completed sale of teak plantations for UK Fund.

In 2010 to 20011 Big Lands Brazil advised for a complete legal structure, completed due diligence, consulted on all foreign ownership aspects, created a independently audited fund, structured the property into the fund, the majority of the funds shares held out of Guernsey. Sourced and advised a competent local partner and sourced a competent management team to manage the project. Total scope of project 123,000 hectares of active Timber operations for a UK client.

In 2011 Big Lands Brazil has been retained as the exclusive mandate to sell the second largest property holding in the south of Brazil. A plantation and forestry base of black acacia, radiata pine and eucalyptus. This is the largest single plantation property holding on the market in the 10 years in the south of Brazil and it is the a compilation of properties which make it the second large property holding in the south of Brazil. Big Lands Brazil has the exclusive mandate to source a suitable investor to acquire these holdings.