We are a Brazilian Real Estate Company, and our core business is forestry investment. We focus on acquisitions, set up and management of Eucalyptus, Teak, Sustainable Forestry and Carbon Credits. Opportunities also exist with Parica, Radiata Pine and Açai.

Why Forestry Investments

  • Environmentally Conscious: Sustainable forestry provides the dual opportunities for healthy capital gain and environmentally sound investment practice
  • Long-term, Stable Investment: With long or short growth periods and minimal supply and demand fluctuations, forestry offers stable long-term returns
  • Value Rises with Maturity: As trees grow, the increases in marketable timber volume grows, providing a good hedge against other asset classes and inflation
  • Little affected by macroeconomics: The long-term nature of forestry and its applications produce a constant growth rate regardless of governmental changes or global currency fluctuation
  • Hedge against real estate & equity portfolios: Forestry’s stability makes it the perfect portfolio hedge against more volatile markets
  • Flexible exit return dates: with a range of harvest dates, forestry investments have great exit strategy flexibility. If prices were to fall due to economic conditions, your forestry assets continue to mature, allowing the investor to optimally time their exit.
  • Potential Tax Advantages: investment tools such as SIPPs or CGT rollover relief, depending on project location and structure.
  • Demand & Supply: Global consumption of forestry products has multiplied nearly 25 times in the last 4 decades and prospective growth is strong.
  • Future carbon credit market: some reforestation projects may be applicable for future carbon accreditation depending on location and project management.
  • Eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus is one of the most commonly planted plantation crops in the world and considered a stable, consistent investments.

  • Teak

    Teak is a stable, long-term, low-risk, consistent-return investment. We assist investors take part in the healthy returns from strong teak performance.

  • Sustainable Forestry

    Sustainable Forestry is by far the most lucrative investment in the world. Profits are immense.

  • Carbon Credits

    Carbon Credits are the best solution to stop illegal logging of the rainforest. Buying land for preservation helps save the lungs of the planet.