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Brazilian Jatropha Farm

Bio-Diesel is Big Business in Brazil. Jatropha farming (pictured above) is a new and lucrative method of bio-diesel production.

Bio-diesel is an alternative fuel derived from either Soy or Jatropha, and it is big in Brazil. By 2012, the Brazilian government will mandate an 8% blend of bio-diesel. The prospect of this increased demand for bio-diesel is causing a large ramp up in the bio-diesel industry.

Brazilian Soy farms for bio-diesel are very big business. Bunge is the largest soy grower in Brazil, followed by ADM and Cargill – all are foreign companies. To make bio-diesel, soy is mechanically processed and separated into oil (used to make the bio-diesel) and soy meal (used for animal feed). Soy farming is very profitable - in addition to the 150 gallons of bio-diesel produced per hectare, farms also produce valuable animal feed as a byproduct.

Jatropha is a newer option for bio-diesel production. Jatropha is an oil seed that can produce four to five times more oil that soy, and the byproducts include medical grade glycerin, proteins from the shells, and potential carbon credits as Jotropha is a tree. The real key to Jatropha is that it grows in sandy soil that most crops cannot grow in, and it only needs a fraction of the water that soy does. This is a huge benefit. Currently, Jatropha is only being grown on about 120,000 acres in the state of Tocantins. However, there are several ideal properties in the Brazilian Northeast of Brazil that are ideal for this crop.

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Location Acres
Central - Brasil 21,831
Central - Brasil 47,184
Central - Brasil 51,644
Central Northeast 77,466
Central - Brasil 79,813
Central - Brasil 84,508
Central - Brasil 100,940
Central Brasil 117,373
Central - Brasil 121,363
Central Northeast 122,067
Central Northeast 128,823
Central Northeast 148,711
Central - Brasil 164,322
Central Northeast 211,271
Central - Brasil 218,313
Central Northeast 219,134
Central - Brasil 232,398
Central Northeast 234,745
Central Northeast 234,745
Central - Brasil 234,745
Central - Brasil 244,135
Central - Brasil 258,220
Central Northeast 259,997
Central Northeast 260,567
Central Northeast 272,304
Central Brasil 281,694
Central Brasil 284,041
Central Northeast 284,178
Central - Brasil 284,757
Central Northeast 328,643
Central - Brasil 328,643
Central Northeast 350,033
Central - Brasil 382,634
Central - Brasil 483,575
Central - Brasil 483,575
Central Northeast 915,506