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Brazilian Ethanol Plant

Ethanol is the way of the future. In the next 10 to 15 years, ethanol/gasoline will be available in mass production.

Ethanol is the way of the future. Although hydrogen power is the talk of the world, in truth it is a distant solution, possibly as far away at fifty years. Ethanol/Gasoline will be available in mass production in 10 to 15 years, and a major source will be Brazilian ethanol plants.

Ethanol has a bad reputation in the US because it is made with corn, but Brazilian ethanol avoids this stigma because it is made with sugarcane. Oil companies are already buying Brazilian ethanol for blending, because even with the US import tariff of 54.5 cents per gallon, it is still less expensive than gasoline. This year, a good portion of the 8 billion gallons of ethanol produced in Brazil will be exported to the US.

The US Congress is currently pushing a bill that will mandate 25% of all fuel to be from ethanol or bio-energy. If it passes, the US will not be able to produce enough ethanol by itself. To produce enough ethanol, the US will require over 210 million acres planted with corn specifically for ethanol (remember that corn is also a major food crop). Brazilian sugarcane can produce the same output with only 50 million acres. Brazil already has 20 million acres dedicated to sugarcane ethanol, with room to expansion.

We have over 50 different ethanol mills in Brazil. We also have land in one ideal location that is about 500,000 Acres for sugarcane and only 150 miles from port.

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Location Acres
Central - Brasil 21,831
North, North East 40,376
Central - Brasil 47,184
Central - Brasil 51,644
Central - Brasil 79,813
Central - Brasil 84,508
North, North East 89,203
Central - Brasil 100,940
Central - Brasil 121,363
Central - Brasil 164,322
North, North East 187,796
Central - Brasil 218,313
Central - Brasil 232,398
Central - Brasil 234,745
North, North East 234,745
North, North East 239,440
Central - Brasil 244,135
Central - Brasil 258,220
Central - Brasil 284,757
North, North East 284,757
North, North East 286,389
Central - Brasil 328,643
Central - Brasil 382,634
Central - Brasil 483,575
Central - Brasil 483,575
North, North East 631,464