Cattle and Ranches

Cattle and Ranches

Cattle and Ranches are big business in Brazil. Brazil is the largest exporter of cattle in the world. This industry has created a great deal of opportunity for investments.

Client Investment Strategy

Big Lands Brazil has created a fund strategy for accredited investors (or equivalent), companies, and funds seeking long-term, consistent returns based on a conservative business plan in surging market of Brazil. This investment is designed as a trusted option to gain access to the emerging market of Brazil in a safe manner; truly unique in the marketplace. The investment is not designed to be creative in taking on unnecessary risk. Cattle ranching for the last 200 years has been a very stable and solid investment. Currently the world, with its increasing population and its increasing appetite for higher grade food products such as meat, has put as of 2011 the most pressure on the cattle industry and the prices of cattle. The market in Brazil has been exploding in growth as Brazil currently has the largest under-utilized land base for cattle and 90% of all the current cattle farms are not operated to maximize land usage. This brings a good opportunity for investors seeking to invest in cattle farms. Almost any and all investments in the industry will allow for a cattle farm to have improved margins and profits.

The Big lands Brazil Strategy for our clients:

  • Investors own the land
  • Land is purchased below market value in areas with strong expected appreciation
  • The cattle will be sold by BLB management on behalf of the investor in the local market
  • The investor will gain yearly land appreciation which will result in a higher return on investment

Big Lands Brazil has worked hard to design this investment to be the most competitive. The land we source for our clients has lower unit costs, the cost is US$ 500 per acre for ranches. Please contact for more details.

Our Current Property and Project Offering:

Please contact us for more details.

Cattle Ranching S.W.O.T. Analysis


  • Excellent ROI
  • Working to maximize already deforested pastures
  • Multiple market end users
  • Guaranteed future market
  • Relative low setup costs
  • Easy to administer
  • Low risk for all involved
  • Short term return on investment


  • Working with live animals can be complicated


  • Unlimited marketing potential
  • Anticipated prices increases


  • Disease requiring all the cattle on the farm having to be purged

Supply and Demand

Brazil is going through one of the longest periods of prosperity in its history. This is allowing for the local demand for cattle to increase as more people are buying and eating meat in Brazil. Fifteen years ago their was famine and hunger in the North east of Brazil. Today they are eating meat and this has driven the cattle market to expand. The expected growth is only expected to increase causing demand and prices to surge, this will ever solidify cattle ranching as a very lucrative investment.

Further Detailed Information on Brazilian Cattle Ranching can be found at About Cattle Ranching.

About Cattle and Ranches

Cattle raised in Brazil are primarily used for beef cattle. They are grass fed and not typically feeder cattle, which is cattle raised in a feedlot.

Nelore Cattle

The main cattle in Brazil that is most commonly seen is the Nelore cattle. Nelore or Nellore beef cattle originated from Ongole (Bos indicus) cattle originally brought to Brazil from India. They are named for the district of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. The Nelore has a distinct large hump over the top of the shoulder and neck. They have long legs which help them to walk in water and when grazing. The Nelore can adapt to all except very cold climates. They are very resistant to high temperatures and have natural resistance to various parasites and diseases. Brazil is the largest breeder of Nelore. Nelore have the shortest ears of most Bos indicus types. There is a naturally polled strain of the breed.