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Mohogany Forestry

Our team will sort through the thousands of foresty properties for sale to help you find the best options.

It is officially illegal to cut Mahogany trees in Brazil without permits. Because of a shortage of permits, purchasing Brazilian Hardwoods Real Estate should only be completed with the help of market experts. We have teams in place to sort through the thousands of properties for sale and help you find the best options, including existing Teak Plantations and properties with existing permits already in place.

A major restriction on Hardwoods Real Estate is the amount of land you can cut down on each property. In the Brazilian State of Para, only 25% of the property can be explored. In Amazonas, only 20% can be explored. In Mato Grosso and Maranhao, 80% can be explored. For properties without existing permits, our technicians will help write a proposal for your right to cut.

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Location Acres
Central - Brasil 21,831
Central - Brasil 47,184
Central - Brasil 51,644
Central - Brasil 79,813
Central - Brasil 84,508
Central - Brasil 100,940
Central - Brasil 121,363
Central - Brasil 164,322
Central - Brasil 218,313
Central - Brasil 232,398
Central - Brasil 234,745
Central - Brasil 244,135
Central - Brasil 258,220
Central - Brasil 284,757
Central - Brasil 328,643
Central - Brasil 382,634
Central - Brasil 483,575
Central - Brasil 483,575