Land Management

Land Management

Big Lands Brazil works in all aspects of project setup and management for our clients. Your concern is making a profit, and we shoulder complex work behind the scenes in a successful land operation. Many, if not all of our clients do not want to permanently relocate to Brazil to manage their investment: that’s our job. Our services include the following:

Land Acquisition

  • Source land for project(s)
  • Secure land in our contracts for project
  • Design the specific and necessary legal structure for foreign ownership in Brazil
  • Execute the legal structure
  • Set up Brazilian Funds for large sale purchases of land
  • Manage and Direct the Brazilian Funds that we setup on behalf of our clients
  • Hire and Manage survey companies for Land
  • Regularize the land situation to meet all legal requirements
  • Creative Vision to best see that our clients have success

Project Set Up

We are based in Belem, Para, Brazil which allows us to be present to manage the project setup. How we work:

Each project setup is different and requires a different strategy that is based on sound, proven experience. We are risk-averse by principle for your protection and our protection, maintaining profits and reputation.

For Eucalyptus or Teak, we work with the top local planting companies. We have on retainer the number one teak forestry engineer in the state of Para, with over 4,000 hectares of teak under management across 40 plantations. For eucalyptus, we have a working relationship with the largest Eucalyptus planting firm in the state of Para.

When we plant, we work with the top contractors with the most hectares planted in the region. We coordinate these activities for our investors. This isn’t handholding you, we manage this process entirely for you.

In Sustainable Forestry Projects, we work with our local forestry engineer to setup your project.

Project Management

After our investors’ projects are set up, we manage all aspects of these projects. This includes:

  • Source or create off-take agreements on the commodities produced
  • Coordinate Accounting
  • General Management of Employees
  • Auditing of local managers hired to oversee the plantation
  • Coordinate yearly soil analysis of plantation and implement fertilizer corrections
  • Coordinate tax payments and keep investors abreast to new legislation
  • Provide complete investment status reports for investors